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This website makes no guarantee for any of your wishes to be fulfilled and the sole purpose of the site is to randomly give an output in text of a submitted form. The website and the web development company of this site takes no responsibility of any mental, physical or any kind of trauma you may face while using this site. We have no control of what your life has to offer you. This site may work for some and may not work for some.

All wishes (messages) submitted to the site are not moderated by our team and are neither saved to any database. We or anyone else do not know what you have submitted.

We take no responsibility of any consequences that may occur to view or use this website.

Automated software consultance is accepted for expenses to run this website & server.

We again like to stress that this website is purely for people who believe in power of attraction and we personally take no guarantee for any of your wishes to be fulfilled.
Your luck is simply your luck, only you can change it.
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